Curry and Spice


10/5/2014: It’s that time again folks – Curry and Spice is going on the road again! I will be splitting my time between Kodiak, AK and Fairhope, AL over the summer; I’ll be doing research in both places for school, and hopefully making some long-term dissertation contacts. Look for new experiences, eatery recommendations, scenic photography, and hopefully the recipe or two from home. Contact if you have questions!

30/8/2012: Remember that time a year and a half ago where I left the country for what seemed like a small eternity? Well, saddle up, ladies and gents, it’s happening again. Having graduated college and decided to take a year off, I am heading off to Queensland, Australia, where I and my closest friend from high school have an internship with the School for Field Studies, the same organization with which I studied abroad when I last updated this. So, what can you expect? Hopefully, some amazing posts about the Australian rainforest, some beautiful pictures, and a girl who is better prepared in the event that her computer craps out again. I am hoping to keep up with food blogging, but most of what you’ll see for the next three months to a year will relate to Australia. If this appeals to you, come on in and enjoy the ride!

29/1/2011: For the next few months, this blog will take a dramatic turn.  While I will still try to post recipes and pictures (because at heart, that’s absolutely what I love), I will no longer be solely responsible for my food.  As I’ve mentioned once before, I am about to study abroad in Mexico, specifically at a school for coastal ecology on the Baja peninsula.  As a result of this, I will be cooking only once a week (if even that), and so this blog will be more focused on my experiences as I travel, and my experiences in a different country (with a language I don’t speak!)  As a result, I will probably change the subject headings of my posts to reflect what it is I’m writing about (ie, I will say “Travel: Arriving in Mexico”).

I will be headed out in less than two days – I have a very early flight on Monday morning (flying Denver to LAX to La Paz, then driving from La Paz north to our school).  I am hoping to update the cooking portion at least once before I leave, and maybe once while I’m in transit, and then hopefully I will continue to post recipes sporadically (when has this experiment ever not been sporadic?!) throughout the next three months.  Packing is consuming me right now (actually, it would be, but I’m procrastinating), as is a good deal of anxiety.  I am looking forward to my adventures, however, and look forward to writing about them!


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