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The End of Days

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Tablelands 2

It’s time for one last blog post from Australia.

Rock Wallaby 1

Rock Wallaby 2

Last week, like all of the ones that preceded it, was a total blur. It was a bittersweet week, a week that simultaneously dragged on with the knowledge of imminent good-byes, and moved at the speed of light, hurtling toward the departure of my students. Monday began, bright and hot, with our “Magical Mystery Tour”, a final day-trip around the area. We went to a couple of shops (back to CoffeeWorks in Mareeba, to the Tolga Wood Works), and most importantly, to Granite Gorge. In the wet season, I imagine that Granite Gorge is full of swimmers in a cool, quickly flowing creek. In our current drought, however, the gorge is stagnant. Our students found great enjoyment in playing in the Australian water one last time, however, and explored the area as a whole. It’s one of the only places that still has rock wallabies, which are critically endangered. Our students got to hand feed them (which I have a lot of controversial feelings about), and they were very enthusiastic about it. The entire area is very dry, but incredibly picturesque, and I loved getting to take pictures there. Read the rest of this entry »


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First of all, I apologize for the later update; the weekend somehow got away from me, and because we camped last week, I was unable to write as the week went. Monday started out with a great amount of running around as we began to prepare for our camping trip to Chillagoe. Chillagoe is approximately a four hour drive west of here; as when we went to Daintree, we passed through the town of Mareeba. Instead of continuing along the main road, however, we turned west and headed into the savannah. The land steadily dries and flattens as you head west. While you may start in the lush rainforest and rolling hills of the Tablelands, within an hour or so, you hit the drier part of the Tablelands, and finally, the savannah. It was quite the change in landscape; while I like the rainforest, the desert, I’m realizing, is much more what I’m used to. Read the rest of this entry »