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Thai Peanut Curry

In Uncategorized on October 10, 2010 at 8:30 pm

Okay guys, I almost didn’t make it today.  It’s fall break, I know, but I spent from 9:30 to 12:00 this morning carving, baking, and pureeing a pumpkin.  Then I baked four different things (yes, four).  I also have what is turning into a very tiring cold, so grant me a little bit of leniency on this post – I’m half-asleep right now.  Also – I must have had some sort of great photographic yuck day when I made this dish, because I ended up with two usable pictures.  I had to steal the third picture from my set on Indian Ratatouille, which conveniently used at least some of the same vegetables as this recipe…

Which is delicious, by the way.  When my roommate came to Colorado to visit me last spring, we went to a favorite family restaurant (she and I cooked for my family, and they cooked for us, but we also splurged a little bit).  This restaurant has excellent Thai/Vietnamese food, and this is a standout favorite to me.  While I’m too chicken to ask for a recipe from a restaurant, I have no problem attempting to re-create it (oh, and writing the recipe down on my reading for African Political Thought, hah).  I’m not sure we’ve really done it justice (the roommate was also involved in designing this recipe, so she gets credit too), but it’s still fantastic, and we enjoy it a lot.  Or we would, except that she’s studying abroad half way around the world right now, and so I’m pining (not really.  I have three excellent housemates whom I love dearly).

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