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Welcome to Curry and Spice!

In Uncategorized on April 24, 2010 at 2:04 pm

Okay, maybe I’ve been spending too much time on the internet lately – it is, after all, three weeks before my spring term finals, and to be honest, I’m avoiding my three papers (which not only are NOT my finals, but which are conveniently due within four days of each other) like the plague.  But recently, I’ve been very interested in starting (oh God, here we go), my own cooking blog.  Since we got a kitchen this year (albeit very small, and really ugly), my roommates and I (particularly I, if I may say so myself) have been investing a lot of our time into: you named it!  Cooking.  Now, I  loved to bake as a kid (I have a sweet tooth a mile wide), but I never loved to cook.  Part of this came from my very picky eating habits: I lived on peanut butter, grilled cheese, and macaroni until about a year ago (and never fear, these are still my go-to foods), but not only have a greatly expanded my repertoire, I am making it a habit to try new foods and eat better.  I’m a pretty serious runner (in training for my second year to do a half-marathon), and after becoming protein deficient in the dining halls last year, I’ve bee pretty vigilant about making sure I’m eating well.  I try to be well-rounded lady – I’m awfully fond of fruit.  I am increasing my love for vegetables, although with their increased requirement for preparation, I often find them daunting.  If I had a pick a go-to vegetable, however, it would be carrots – god, I just LOVE carrots.  They can go in anything, and it’s just a beautiful thing.  Anyway, as a vegetarian, a runner, and a college student, I’ve put in a fair amount of time into food.  I love to eat (ahem, sweet things especially), and I love cooking.  Now, without a dishwasher, this is occasionally a pain, but it’s entirely worth it. So now that you know some of those things…Here are some other things to note:

-This blog is mostly meant to be a written and visual record of what I make and how it turns out (I’ve had two pretty serious failures involving lentils this week; I need some way to record what happened, and how I intend to fix it next time [one of these failures involved dal, which I must make again]).  That being said, I am always curious to know what others did and how it worked out for them.  But really, this is a blog of very simple proportions, and it may frequently get shoved to the side when I’m busy with schoolwork.
-I try to eat as locally as possible.  This is extremely challenging in the winter, given how much I love fruit.  So….I cave, rather a lot, especially when it comes to fruit.  However, while my hometown is in Colorado, my school is in a very rural part of Washington, and I am extremely lucky in having access to a Farmer’s Co-op that operates year round.  This means, at least so far, that I have at least had access to some amazing apples (all the way into December!)  I do however try to eat their eggs (not fed on corn, legitimately free-range, happy hens), and I’m going to try again on their raw milk (the first time was a bit of an experiment – and not in a good way).
-I also try to eat organically whenever possible.  This is in part possible to the contributions of my fabulous parents, who, thank god, are paying for my food.  When I can’t get local things (as is frequently the case – there’s no local CHEESE…), I buy organic.  This means that I’m big into purchasing from Organic Valley, which as far as I can tell, is doing a fantastic job of resisting big Agri-Business takeovers, and are continuing to be run by families with real ethics when it comes to their animals.  Organic produce is yet another area where I cave.  I know, I know, you’re saying that’s possibly the most important (after dairy, etc), but organic apples?  They’re THREE TIMES THE PRICE!!!  I can’t do that.  It makes me feel guilty (although it makes me feel guilty to know that the pesticides on my other apples are causing dead areas in the Gulf of Mexico…there aren’t any easy answers to this).
-I love photography, so there will generally be photographs embedded with the recipes.
-Most of my recipes are not mine!  I’m not that inventive.  Yet.
-I LOOOVE BREAD.  Bread is one thing I’m going to try to make consistently.  Unfortunately, I’ve had a lot of bread incidents in the past semester, so this has been quite the work in progress.  Additionally unfortunate is the fact that bread takes a long time to make.  But I’ve done a great job of sticking with this so far.  Hopefully you all won’t mind while I go into raptures over my bread successes…

In other news:
-I will not answer personal questions as a general rule.
-Comments and emails are welcome!  However, if they are in any way inappropriate, they will be deleted without a second thought. Furthermore, before you post a comment, peruse those before you: see if I have already responded to someone’s question that is similar to yours and can help you. 
-Please, please, unless I ask for it, do not plug products to me.  It’s annoying, and I’m generally satisfied with what I have.