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The End of Days

In Uncategorized on December 21, 2012 at 6:58 am

Tablelands 2

It’s time for one last blog post from Australia.

Rock Wallaby 1

Rock Wallaby 2

Last week, like all of the ones that preceded it, was a total blur. It was a bittersweet week, a week that simultaneously dragged on with the knowledge of imminent good-byes, and moved at the speed of light, hurtling toward the departure of my students. Monday began, bright and hot, with our “Magical Mystery Tour”, a final day-trip around the area. We went to a couple of shops (back to CoffeeWorks in Mareeba, to the Tolga Wood Works), and most importantly, to Granite Gorge. In the wet season, I imagine that Granite Gorge is full of swimmers in a cool, quickly flowing creek. In our current drought, however, the gorge is stagnant. Our students found great enjoyment in playing in the Australian water one last time, however, and explored the area as a whole. It’s one of the only places that still has rock wallabies, which are critically endangered. Our students got to hand feed them (which I have a lot of controversial feelings about), and they were very enthusiastic about it. The entire area is very dry, but incredibly picturesque, and I loved getting to take pictures there. Read the rest of this entry »

Here and Gone

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All right, time to get real. I abandoned this blog again, and I’m sorry. It’s like the overwhelming guilt gets to be too much, and I simply jump ship. And it’s completely ridiculous, because: let’s talk about how much I cooked and baked this summer. It was ridiculous. I baked my best friend’s graduation cake. I made dessert every time my parents entertained. I thought endlessly about teaching myself to make macarons (it hasn’t happened yet, alas). I helped in my parents’ garden, and I ran until I was hungry (and then ran some more). No one can tell you that I didn’t cook and photograph my way through the summer.

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Travel: Amman Citadel, Coming Home, and Some Changes

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On our last day of touring, we stayed within the city of Amman (and had a short jaunt to the west to see another structure), and had a nice late start.  We began our day by driving down to the Roman citadel, which was the initial city of Amman.  The Temple of Hercules resides there, which is so named based on the large statue that was originally there.  All that is left of the statue is a massive hand, as well as a joint (either an elbow or a shoulder).  The citadel is still being excavated, so while we were able to see the Temple of Hercules, the massive cistern, and other aspects of it, it is still unclear how large the site actually was.  I have to confess additionally that, after nine days of seeing Roman sites, I was a little bit Roman-sited-out.  From the citadel, we drove west out of Amman to see another site that was related to a Nabatean occupation and tombs nearby, which had some beautiful carvings of animals (lions and leopards, primarily).  With that, we were officially done touring in Jordan!

We headed back to ACOR to finish putting away our materials from the field, and settled into a long afternoon of doing very little.  I also had nothing to do the next day until my flight left, and as a result, I was able to catch up on journaling (not here, clearly) and finished the last of my books from traveling.  I also had a little bit of time to process everything that we’d done and been through in the past forty days, and was so excited to have been able to enjoy such a unique experience.

Finally, at midnight on the morning of the eleventh, I began my journeys home.  I flew from Jordan to Frankfurt (my flight was delayed out of Amman by forty-five minutes, which meant that I made my flight in Frankfurt by a grand total of ten minutes), then Frankfurt to Chicago, and managed to miss my flight from Chicago to Denver.  Fortunately, United was able to book me on a flight from Chicago to Denver for later that day, so I was still able to arrive home on the 11th, and not at an unreasonable time.  I was also able to call my close friend who’s in Chicago for the summer, and we got to chat, which was really delightful.  I finally made it home to an amazing thunderstorm that essentially shut down DIA shortly after I landed.  About an hour after landing, I was safely with all of my family, with my luggage, on the way home through the greenest downtown Denver that I’ve ever seen (in mid-July, at least).  It was so wonderful to finally be home and to be with my family again.  I have now been settling back in for the past two days, including reclaiming my job and getting all of my paperwork filled out.  The weather here has been incredible – very wet and cool, which for July is extremely unusual.  I got to see my best friend last night for the first time in six months, and while a thunderstorm raged literally overhead, we talked about everything from the past couple of months.  It was so amazing to see her again, and so amazing to be welcomed home by such wonderful people.

Finally, as you may have noticed, I’ve been catching up around here; getting all of my posts up (I will start filling in the picture blanks shortly), and obviously, changing the layout.  I enjoyed the old layout, but feel that this one is actually a lot more fun; it greatly appeals to my fancy-Nancy side.  Look for some food updates soon – we have guests coming this weekend, and I am ready to bake up a storm.

Backlog: Graham Crackers

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Here’s the honest truth: I started this blog elsewhere.  And then my camera had to be serviced.  And then I returned to school for spring term.  And then there was homework, and watching movies, and by the time I got my camera back, it was halfway through the semester, and not only had I not updated a blog for three months, I was now unsatisfied (after looking at sites like Smitten Kitchen, and Food in Jars) with the layout and the trouble of the hosting site I was using.  So…several MORE months went by (and then I started working at our Tech Services, which incidentally has a blog here), and here I am.  So…while I would love to tell you that I come with hosts of recipes and pictures, alas, I don’t.  The recipes part, yes.  The pictures part…well, that fell behind a bit.  And I mean a lot.  So I’m catching up.  But first, I have to transfer the two (yes, I know) recipes I had posted on my last blog, the first being the exceptional Graham Crackers recipe that Deb has on her site.  (Deb, who I maybe worship a little bit.  In a totally uncreepy way).  So, now, we’re off to the races!

For the record, I wasn’t in the slightest bit prepared when I started this recipe.  Thus, while Deb’s recipe calls for a number of things, I didn’t have, like, any of them.  So…I’m going to give you her recipe, with my additions/alterations in italics.


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