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World Peace Cookies

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When I got to Kodiak, I had no intention of buying baking supplies. It seems really silly to buy even one bag of flour to be in a place for just a month, but then – I ended up with more time on my hands than I expected, and without any knitting (also a mistake), I got fidgety to start baking. Baking, as I’ve talked about, is very soothing for me. Obviously I like eating the results, but the sheer physicality of mixing the ingredients is just very soothing to me. It appeases some strange animal part of my brain that needs things to do with its hands, and I love it.

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Interviews and Interludes

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Kuranda 1

For my directed research group, and myself the week began with a trip to Cairns. The Environmental Policy directed research group is in the process of analyzing the future of tourism in Far North Queensland, and the students have been exhaustively conducting interviews with tourists, tourist companies, information centres, residents, and experts on their topics. Read the rest of this entry »

Olive Oil Banana Bread

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I feel like I’m one of those food bloggers who tends to be behind the trends. Macarons, for one thing; they’re all the rage, and yet, I only just bought a macaron-specific cookbook (more on that later). Olive oil bread is another one of these trends. When I first saw a post for an olive oil cake, I turned my nose up in disgust. A cake without butter, I thought, was not cake. It did not warrant the label cake. But then Heidi’s cake recipe snuck up on me. It has olive oil, yes, but it also has enough sugar (and chocolate, let’s be fair) to make it actually seem like a cake.

It should be noted that I was mostly inspired to make this cake out of sheer desperation to avoid working on my thesis. I am graduating from college in a little bit under two months, which I still haven’t wrapped my head around. My thesis is due in a little under three weeks, which I seem to refuse to wrap my head around. Rather than working like mad (like I should be) I have instead been diligently avoiding thinking about this life-changing project which could very well help my chances of getting into grad school next year. Instead…well, what have I done instead? Clearly I’ve also been avoiding this blog (I’m not sure if I just can’t stomach responsibility or writing or both), but I have baked, photographed, and knitted a prodigious amount. I have also made some time for my half-marathon training, and have spent a lot of time studiously avoiding the realization that I’m leaving school for at least a year in two months. It’s a scary time. And it’s doubly scary because I’m getting ready to leave another amazing family. A group of people who I have truly grown to love, and who I’m struggling to imagine living without.

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Backlog: Graham Crackers

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Here’s the honest truth: I started this blog elsewhere.  And then my camera had to be serviced.  And then I returned to school for spring term.  And then there was homework, and watching movies, and by the time I got my camera back, it was halfway through the semester, and not only had I not updated a blog for three months, I was now unsatisfied (after looking at sites like Smitten Kitchen, and Food in Jars) with the layout and the trouble of the hosting site I was using.  So…several MORE months went by (and then I started working at our Tech Services, which incidentally has a blog here), and here I am.  So…while I would love to tell you that I come with hosts of recipes and pictures, alas, I don’t.  The recipes part, yes.  The pictures part…well, that fell behind a bit.  And I mean a lot.  So I’m catching up.  But first, I have to transfer the two (yes, I know) recipes I had posted on my last blog, the first being the exceptional Graham Crackers recipe that Deb has on her site.  (Deb, who I maybe worship a little bit.  In a totally uncreepy way).  So, now, we’re off to the races!

For the record, I wasn’t in the slightest bit prepared when I started this recipe.  Thus, while Deb’s recipe calls for a number of things, I didn’t have, like, any of them.  So…I’m going to give you her recipe, with my additions/alterations in italics.


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