Curry and Spice


As an aspiring cook, baker, and photographer, Curry and Spice is my playground to experiment with recipes, styling, and writing. Starting off as a new cook, this blog served to introduce me to new foods, and pushed me to try new foods in order to write about them. I hope now that this blog will become a space for more experimentation. I strive to cook food that is both nutritious and delicious, but also is fast, easy, and minimally processed. I am fortunate to experience the resurgence of the Farmer’s Market, and as a result, I try to choose local, organic, and natural ingredients as often as possible. Additionally, or finally, as a vegetarian and a serious runner, I am always trying to achieve the best balance between nutrition and my sweet tooth. This blog is born out of all of these desires.

More About Me


Well, you’re here, so I figure you might as well know. I’m a twenty-four year old graduate student. I graduated from a private liberal arts college in eastern Washington, and moved to Arizona to pursue a PhD. I’m a Coloradan, born and bred, but I certainly cultivated a love of the PNW while I was there. I’m an avid runner, cyclist, dancer, swimmer, and horseback rider. I love the outdoors and going backpacking. I have a passion for traveling, films, reading, dozing in the sun, and of course, cooking and baking. As of 2013, I have two kitchen helpers: helper dog is Sirius, a Labradoodle who’s convinced he’s a scent-hound, and Cygna, my beloved cat. They will feature occasionally.

A Note About Tools

I am blessed with a number of delightful, although not always necessary, kitchen tools.  The first and foremost is my 1979 KitchenAid, Gladys. She is the heart and soul of my kitchen. Additionally, I am lucky to be able to afford generally high quality cooking implements. If, however, others are not able to, this should never be an impediment to enjoying cooking. Most of the recipes I use and post are very doable without expensive instruments.

A Note About…Etc.

I do not promote things, nor do I accept samples to endorse. If I accidentally endorse something, or if I mention in a travel post where I stayed, etc, this does not mean I am getting paid to do so. My opinions are my own, informed by what is available to me.


Email me: csallthingsnice [at] gmail [dot] com. I am also on Tumblr.

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