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The End of Days

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Tablelands 2

It’s time for one last blog post from Australia.

Rock Wallaby 1

Rock Wallaby 2

Last week, like all of the ones that preceded it, was a total blur. It was a bittersweet week, a week that simultaneously dragged on with the knowledge of imminent good-byes, and moved at the speed of light, hurtling toward the departure of my students. Monday began, bright and hot, with our “Magical Mystery Tour”, a final day-trip around the area. We went to a couple of shops (back to CoffeeWorks in Mareeba, to the Tolga Wood Works), and most importantly, to Granite Gorge. In the wet season, I imagine that Granite Gorge is full of swimmers in a cool, quickly flowing creek. In our current drought, however, the gorge is stagnant. Our students found great enjoyment in playing in the Australian water one last time, however, and explored the area as a whole. It’s one of the only places that still has rock wallabies, which are critically endangered. Our students got to hand feed them (which I have a lot of controversial feelings about), and they were very enthusiastic about it. The entire area is very dry, but incredibly picturesque, and I loved getting to take pictures there. Read the rest of this entry »


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Bats 3

I always start off by saying the week was quiet, and realizing that it was anything but. When I look back on this past week, I can truly and immediately say that it was not quiet. We didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving when the States did, in part because our Australian director didn’t know when it was, and in part because it ultimately fell during one of the data collection weeks. Instead, we celebrated on November 29th, and, in the spirit of a true Thanksgiving, we invited a lot of the community members. Our estimated head count was 69 heading into Thursday, and as a result, we knew that we needed an incredible amount of food. Read the rest of this entry »