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Welcome Back to Walla Walla

In Uncategorized on September 10, 2011 at 10:37 pm

I apologize for the long radio silence. As the summer extended into August, it seemed like all of my time was committed to working and being at the barn. As a result, I neither cooked nor blogged. As I am back at school, I am hoping to get back into the swing of things – particularly because I am back to relying on myself for my own food (rather than relying on my mom…).

The drive back to school seemed to go by too quickly – I had been envisioning the drive starting at the beginning of May, when I started getting very excited to go home from Mexico. I could imagine seeing my parents in the airport in Denver when I got home from Mexico, and then all I could imagine was driving with my dad to Washington. What’s scary is that it’s the last time in the knowable future that I will make this drive. I love the trip, both for the time I get with my dad, but also for how beautiful it is. Unfortunately, I was so exhausted from packing and getting myself ready to come back that I spent more than the average amount of time sleeping in the car. It was a very warm drive, due to the hot weather across the west, but it was beautiful, as always. It’s certainly an experience that I treasure very much.

Coming back to Washington meant organizing my own apartment – I’m living on my own for the first time, and had very mixed feelings coming back to that. I was excited on one hand and terrified on the other. Fortunately, it has been very enjoyable so far, and I am not unhappy at all. Classes started last week, and I am enjoying all of them, to a certain degree. I am enchanted by my drawing class, and by the ballet class I am taking – they are the highlights in my week. I worry about my philosophy class and my politics class, but am trying to remember that it’s the things that I take away from these classes that matter, and the grade shouldn’t be a discouraging factor.

Being back in Washington has meant two things: access to amazing, locally grown produce (I signed up for my CSA box today), and seeing some things associated with the “West” that I don’t normally see in Colorado. The county fair is always the first weekend we’re back, and there is a parade in town on Saturday. I headed out early last weekend so I could see the horses (I miss them already, sigh) and take some photographs. Two of my friends and I then went to the fair in the afternoon and walked around, enjoying the smells and sights of a county fair. We saw a really cool event in which a series of targets were set up, and riders rode around and shot at them with different calibers, riding as fast as possible.

It has been these sort of simple, slightly unusual pleasures that get me through the week.