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Parent’s Weekend and Moroccan Roasted Vegetables

In Uncategorized on October 24, 2010 at 9:02 pm

I am extremely fortunate in the sense that I go to an excellent, out-of-state college where I love my friends, my classes, and my professors.  I realize I’ve not talked about my real life very much on here – if you’ve read my introduction, you’re probably aware that I’m a vegetarian (oh, and you might have guessed that from the decided lack of recipes containing any meat products), but I’m not sure you all know much more about me – and maybe you’re curious, maybe you’re not, but I’m feeling introspective (or maybe just self-absorbed).  My school is fantastic.  I’m an anthropology major, and I’m lucky to be studying with one of the foremost archaeologists in the country.  As quirky as he is, he’s fantastic.  I’m also getting minors in biology and politics, because I have strong interests in both.  My current politics class is probably one of the more challenging, frustrating classes I’ve had the opportunity to take – but I feel like I’m learning so much (I’ve felt like this in all of my politics classes – like I’m drowning, but also like I’m learning to breathe), and I love the readings I get to do for that class.  I have three housemates this year, one of whom I lived with last year – and while we’re different, they are my family in the absence of my real family (which includes my best friend from home and her own mom).

But this weekend, I got to ignore both my excellent housemates (who are fortunately very tolerant) and my schoolwork, because my parents came to visit me.  There isn’t much to do in my town – it’s a small, rural, primarily agricultural community that has recently become very involved in the wine industry.  When my parents have visited previously, I’ve usually had class at least one of the days they come; this year, however, I have been lucky enough to have Fridays off.  We poked around the town, visited my favorite bookstore (where I got a new book!  You don’t know about my voracious love for reading, but when others are dreading their homework, I’ve already gotten mine done so that I can read a few pages before I fall asleep at night), and drove to an even smaller nearby town (I’d never been there – as the trees start to change here, it was a beautiful drive).  I ate so well while they were here – while I’m a good cook and greatly enjoy eating my own food, I am by no means a chef who can feed a restaurant full of people, and I still love eating out (especially because they do my dishes for me!)  This morning, however, when it was drizzling and grey, I had to say good-bye again.  My family is extremely important to me, and we’re very close.  It was a shock to go home over the summer and realize how accustomed I’d become to living on my own where I didn’t really have to depend on anyone – adjusting was a challenge.  Now that I’m back at school, I miss being home, miss working around my family, trying to juggle who drives, and going to my sister’s apartment.  I thought by the time I was twenty, I’d be over homesickness, but every year I realize that I have to adjust to something new, and even though it’s exciting, I’m still homesick.  So, after a good breakfast, they headed home, and I headed back to my house (which is home when I’m in Washington), and started my homework.  I baked two loaves of bread today, and after fighting with my yeast a little bit, I’m optimistic that they will turn out well.

It was an excellent weekend – and hopefully I won’t be too much of a wreck in the coming week (it’s only three weeks to Thanksgiving break, right?)

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Mac ‘n Cheese

In Uncategorized on October 17, 2010 at 9:00 pm

If you tell me that you are the boxed macaroni person, I will shun you.  I mean it, I literally will.  Or I will until I decide that I simply must convert you by feeding you home-cooked macaroni and cheese.  My mom never made my sister and I boxed macaroni and cheese; the first thing my sister learned to make on the stove was this macaroni and cheese, and it was the first and only thing she taught me to make.  I didn’t eat boxed macaroni and cheese until I went backpacking when I was ten (and didn’t eat it…I didn’t actually eat boxed mac ‘n cheese until three years ago, when I went to college and it was somebody’s idea that it would be fun to make it instead of eating dining hall food). So you’ll understand if I have a bit of an issue with people who eat boxed mac ‘n cheese.  There’s nothing particularly wrong with it, except that the cheese is powdered.  And it really doesn’t taste anything like real macaroni and cheese, which is possibly the greatest comfort food I know.

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Thai Peanut Curry

In Uncategorized on October 10, 2010 at 8:30 pm

Okay guys, I almost didn’t make it today.  It’s fall break, I know, but I spent from 9:30 to 12:00 this morning carving, baking, and pureeing a pumpkin.  Then I baked four different things (yes, four).  I also have what is turning into a very tiring cold, so grant me a little bit of leniency on this post – I’m half-asleep right now.  Also – I must have had some sort of great photographic yuck day when I made this dish, because I ended up with two usable pictures.  I had to steal the third picture from my set on Indian Ratatouille, which conveniently used at least some of the same vegetables as this recipe…

Which is delicious, by the way.  When my roommate came to Colorado to visit me last spring, we went to a favorite family restaurant (she and I cooked for my family, and they cooked for us, but we also splurged a little bit).  This restaurant has excellent Thai/Vietnamese food, and this is a standout favorite to me.  While I’m too chicken to ask for a recipe from a restaurant, I have no problem attempting to re-create it (oh, and writing the recipe down on my reading for African Political Thought, hah).  I’m not sure we’ve really done it justice (the roommate was also involved in designing this recipe, so she gets credit too), but it’s still fantastic, and we enjoy it a lot.  Or we would, except that she’s studying abroad half way around the world right now, and so I’m pining (not really.  I have three excellent housemates whom I love dearly).

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Not Food…

In Uncategorized on October 8, 2010 at 5:22 pm

I don’t have an update for you yet, although I did make something awesome this week that I’ll be sharing this weekend.  It’s my fall break this weekend, which means that I’ll be baking all the things (and many of them will be pumpkin, yum!).  Knowing this, however, I started thinking about something I’ve only heard a little about: NaBloPoMo (Not NaNoWriMo, which I already knew about).  I was hoping that it, too, was in November, and therefore that I hadn’t missed the boat.  Turns out that it’s every month you want it to be (which I have to say is kind of lame…I think you should blog every day if you want, but NaBloPoMo should totally be a concentrated effort to make you do something like that).  Anyway, the point here is that I’m very interested in trying NaBloPoMo.  November is going to be crazy, it’s true, and I’m having a hard time believing that I can stock up that many recipes and pictures – but if I started now, I think that it would be possible.  I’d have a week at home in which I’d be cooking and baking like crazy (the joys of Thanksgiving!)  and I’ll have papers and projects, and Harry Potter premiers the night before I fly home (first all-nighter anyone?  Don’t make fun of me for never having pulled an all-nighter.  Yes, I’m twenty, and yes, I have a GPA which I am very proud of, and no, I’ve never pulled an all-nighter.  I’m a half-marathoner!  We need our sleep!), and all sorts of crazy.  But, on the other hand, it will probably be dreary here.  La Nina is not my friend.  She brings us cold, wet weather, and I live in Washington (admittedly, I live east of the Cascades, so my complaints are less than those of others to the west, but nonetheless, it’s still wet here), which means it will be really cold and really wet.  I may have  a lot of quality time indoors.  And my midterms will be done by the end of October (my impending oral midterm in Political Ecology [which is done in groups, fyi] is terrifying), so it’s quite possible that this could be done.  Why not try, write right?  (Yes, I am pun-ny).

I just realized that I’ve never done a post like this on here – hi, I’m a professed spaz.  And I use parenthesis a lot when I write like this, primarily because I’m trying to rationalize to myself that this is not insane and that it could be done.  And I’m going to try and believe it!

Anyway…as an end to this: I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I will see you (certainly) on Sunday, and perhaps before and after.  I’ll be bringing the goodies!

Indian Ratatouille

In Uncategorized on October 3, 2010 at 10:48 am

Everybody please hold your breath, because: I’m posting a dinner recipe.  That’s right, not only did I cook something new this week that wasn’t dessert, I also remembered to take pictures, and here I am, ready to share it all with you.  I can’t promise much for the future in terms of main courses, particularly because next weekend is my fall break, and what do I intend to do?  Oh yes, bake my little heart out.  Why?  Because it’s October, and October means it’s pumpkin season.  That means pumpkin bread, pumpkin brownies, maybe a pumpkin pie (don’t hold your breath, I don’t like pie very much).  I am obsessed with pumpkin, and now that they’re at my farmer’s market, I am ready to move into production of all things pumpkin (but I’d better find some people to help me eat these things – one of my housemates is going home and one is vegan, so it leaves me and one other to eat all of these things…hm.  I’d better call in reinforcements).  Also, I still have some frozen zucchini that is begging to be made into something delicious (Zucchini bread, anyone?)  In short, my farmer’s market bill for next week may be a little bit exorbitant, and dinner recipes may be lacking, once again.

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