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In Uncategorized on September 25, 2010 at 9:01 pm

Okay, I failed you for the first time since I returned to school.  Don’t tell me you aren’t surprised, because, well, that would hurt my feelings (okay, not really).  Unfortunately, I’m essentially all out of recipes and pictures in my backlogged stash (yes, that’s right, I’ve been holding out on you).  So, unfortunately, while I’m posting right now, this isn’t a real post.  This is a head-hanging, shamed post, accompanied by unrelated pictures (those are your consolation prize).  I’m planning to post my last backlog tomorrow, and then – on to new things!  I’d better be prepared to keep up.

While you probably don’t know this, my true photographic love is actually nature photography.  Both of my parents are photographers, and my dad was an (in my standards) accomplished nature photographer – we have a number of his black and white prints hanging in our house (we also have pretty much every Ansel Adams coffee table book ever – so you might see where we get the inspiration).  My dad introduced me to backpacking about ten years ago, and since then, I’ve been very attracted to nature photography.  My largest collections of photographs are of flowers – they are my first photographic love.  Then, the mountains.  Then, I love to photograph animals – I am a hunter/jumper and equitation horse back rider (when I’m at home), and I love, love, love photographing horses (I pretty much rely on PW to get me through the school year – except it makes my heart ache to see so many beautiful horses and yet be so far away from them…sigh).  I sort of hated to break it to you that food photography isn’t my first love or passion, but – there you have it.  In the spirit of my other loves, enjoy some beautiful scenery!

Backpacking in the San Isabel National Forest (this one, and the black and white at the top)

This is from my archaeological survey with the National Forest – also San Isabel National Forest

This is Olive (Popeye’s Girl)!  She’s one of the sweetest horses I’ve ever met.

Iris from a stand in the Farmer’s Market at home

And that’s all she wrote for today, folks!  Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow!

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