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Backlog: Chapatis

In Uncategorized on June 22, 2010 at 3:51 pm

Oh wow…I am so sorry that I haven’t updated in almost two months!  Naughty blogger…However, in the span of those two months, I took finals, moved out of my apartment, semi-moved into a house, completed my sophomore year of college, came home, and started working; hopefully you’ll forgive me for my absence.  In the meantime, however, I have updated and revised several of my previous posts, re-done the layout for the blog, and done a lot of cooking.  Not all of my cooking has been accompanied by photography – I’m finding it challenging, particularly now that I’m home, to force myself a) to cook, and b) to take pictures.  The lighting in my parents’ kitchen is notoriously bad.  The soft lighting is beautiful, but makes it unbelievably challenging to take well-lit (and therefore not blurry) pictures.  (You’ll notice in the upcoming days/weeks that I had to take a certain cake outside in order to get a picture of it in its finished form).  I have also made a resolution, however, to make sure that I take pictures of completed recipes.  This has not been going so well (as I tend to eat everything and think about pictures later, oops), but I am going to make the effort to be better! 

And, with that, I will continue filling you in on my culinary adventures in the past couple of months.  Now, we have chapatis, a truly wonderful Indian flatbread that is incredibly easy to make and impossible to resist.  I personally love making them and eating them plain or with honey.  Most people, however, eat them with delicious Indian food (like dal.  However, having tried to make that several months ago and failed, we’ll come back to it later), or with other condiments besides honey.  Similar almost to pancakes in their simplicity and lack of yeast, they are nevertheless much more like bread (they are somewhere between pancakes and Naan, if you’ve had that…shame on you if you haven’t!).   So here, without further ado, are chapatis. 


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